RedNesto / FileInventories

A library letting people customize items and inventories in files

Customize Inventories

An inventory must always have at least an id and rows defined.

The id must not be changed, it has been defined by the developer and may be used in the code, allowing the plugin to identify this inventory amongst the others.

The rows defines the number of rows this inventory will have.

The title sets the title of this inventory.

The items defines the content of the inventory:

  • Each value is a JSON object with:
    • a x coordinate, inside the inventory
    • a y coordinate, inside the inventory
    • an identifier, only use on of the two. The FileItem ID has the priority:
      • an id, the ID of a FileItem OR
      • a type, a Minecraft ID.

The following should not be changed (like the id) since they are used in the code:

  • on_inv_secondary_click is used to listen to a secondary click on any item in this inventory.
  • on_inv_primary_click is used to listen to a primary click on any item in this inventory.
  • on_inv_middle_click is used to listen to a middle click on any item in this inventory.
  • on_create is used to listen the creation of this inventory, in the case where you want to do something special to it.

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Published on Jan 15, 2018


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