Command alias, delay, and other handy stuff



RandomByte released this version on May 26, 2018

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  • The config is split up into 4 files in the folder config/command-utils, the old config will be renamed to command-utils-old.conf and can be deleted when the converting process was successful.

  • All commands are now processed by PlaceholderAPI if it is installed. This enables you to use placeholders like %player_name%.

  • Changed/Added the following commands:

    • Execute commands:
      • /cu execute if <condition> <commands>
      • /cu execute delayed <duration> <command>
      • /cu execute whenOnline <user> <command>
      • /cu execute parsed <user> <command>
    • Condition commands:
      • /cu has payed <user> <costs>
      • /cu has money <user> <money>
      • /cu is before <timestamp>
      • /cu is after <timestamp

You may want to use this pre-release of PlaceholderAPI to run this plugin and use the full functionality: v4.5-pre-randombyte

You can find in depth documentation on the wiki.