An amazing plugin that allows you to create your own jobs for your players. The plugin is 100% configurable so you can change everything you see, it is also open-source if you want to take a look on how it's made.


Humm I’m looking for a plugin to make everyone having a job, maybe make a miner job or humm an assassin job! Well, you found the correct plugin! With this plugin, you can create, remove, change all types of jobs that you can think of and more that are now being created!

This plugin supports API8, 10 and 11.


  • UUID support
  • Different Storage methods [YAML, MySQL, MongoDB & more]
  • Multi-Language support
  • Full plugin in GUI [jobs-action = 3]
  • Full plugin in COMMANDS [jobs-action = 2]
  • Choose from different actions e.g.: Open GUI, Use commands, and ignore!
  • 100% configurable plugin
  • Easy to use API
  • Create your own custom jobs and edit them fully
  • Frequency system, earn more need to do more
  • PlaceholderAPI support to use placeholders anywhere and our own placeholders
  • Multiple job types: [BREAK, PLACE, KILL and more]
  • Easy to read Wiki
  • bStats support to do metrics
  • Open Source plugin
  • Support to the latest & old Minecraft versions and always updating!
  • Disable commands until a player do X jobs
  • Admin commands to help to administrate the server
  • Auto tab complete for all the commands
  • Edit any command & subcommand aliases
  • Automatic save data to prevent data loss on crashes
  • Permissions support using permissions API
  • Automatic update system in order to keep the plugin always up to date
  • HEX support for every message in the plugin
  • Custom model data support in all the GUIs
  • Custom cooldown when withdrawing salary and leaving a job
  • and much more…

To Do:

  • Web job editor (v1.0)
  • More economy implementations [needing suggestions] (all versions)
  • Add a new permission system for each job (v1.0)

All the aliases can be configured in the language file and the messages. The subcommands of /jobs only work if the job action is equal to 2.

  • /jobs
    • /jobs choose - Choose a job
    • /jobs work - See/Accept your work
    • /jobs salary - See how much salary you have
    • /jobs withdraw - Withdraw your salary
    • /jobs leave - Leave the job
  • /jobsadmin
    • /jobsadmin info - See the information of a player
    • /jobsadmin reload - Reloads the settings & messages of the plugin
    • /jobsadmin help - Shows the help of the admin commands
    • /jobsadmin update - Automatically updates the plugin
    • /jobsadmin about - See information about the plugin & server
    • /jobsadmin set <salary | method | job> <amount / job> - Sets the salary/method of a player

This permission is required for use the command /jobs, speak with NPCs (Premium Only) and etc… RECOMMENDED TO: Everyone

This permission is required to get jobs that have the option require-permission setted to true. RECOMMENDED TO: VIPs

This permission is required to use the command /jobsadmin RECOMMENDED TO: ADMINs

If you find an issue please open an issue tracker on our Github page (redirect), if you want to give us a suggestion please send it on our Github or discord(redirect).


Category: Economy

Published on Oct 30, 2023




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Licensed under MIT

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