Nucleus released this version on Jan 5, 2021

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This is a major release - Nucleus 2.3.0 for Sponge API version 7.3

This was built from Nucleus commit: 6e44d32e7

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

Upgrading to Nucleus 2 from Nucleus 1.x

Nucleus v1 is now UNSUPPORTED. It is recommended that you upgrade to this version as soon as practical. Note that some plugins may not be compatible with Nucleus v2.

Please read the Nucleus 2.0.1 release notes before upgrading.

For the things YOU need to do as a server owner, please visit our instructions on how to upgrade.

New Features

Command Logger now shows more of the cause of a command

Now, when a command is executed, any plugins and command sources in the cause stack will be shown in the command log. For an example, say the server runs /sudo Player ping, the following will be displayed in the logger:

sudo Player ping
[nucleus]: Server ran the command: /sudo Player ping
Forcing Player to run the command "/ping".
[nucleus]: [ Server -> (plugin) Nucleus -> ] Player ran the command: /ping

In the last message, the Server ran /sudo, which is a Nucleus command, which forces the player “Player” to run /ping.

This should hopefully make it clearer for admins to understand why a command is being executed.

The Warning module is now removed, with the NucleusWarningService deprecated

Nucleus will no longer warn users that the warning module has been removed. The NucleusWarningService is now part of the Core module, and has been deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensured that the kit v1 -> v2 migrator removes an empty kits section
  • Fixed null errors when retrieving a server list MOTD
  • Fixed NucleusChangeNicknameEvent not extending Event
  • Fixes not being able to kick players using the console under certain conditions
  • Ensure that the entity unbanning a player using the /unban command is included in the unban message

General Notes