Nucleus released this version on Sep 12, 2020

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This is a major release - Nucleus 2.1.0 for Sponge API version 7.3

This was built from Nucleus commit: 976e542c

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

Before you upgrade to Nucleus 2 from Nucleus 1.x

Please read the Nucleus 2.0.1 release notes before upgrading.

If you need help to decide which version of Nucleus to use, please visit our guide on how to choose.

For the things YOU need to do as a server owner, please visit our instructions on how to upgrade.

API Updates

  • Added NucleusStaffChatService#getMembers()
  • Added NucleusStaffChatService#isDirectedToStaffChat(MessageChannelEvent.Chat)
  • Added NucleusStaffChatService#isCurrentlyChattingInStaffChat(CommandSource)
  • Added NucleusStaffChatService#isCurrentlyChattingInStaffChat(UUID)
  • Added NucleusWarmupManagerService#executeAfter(Player, Duration, WarmupTask, boolean)
  • Added NucleusWarmupManagerService#executeAfterAsync(Player, Duration, WarmupTask, boolean)

Feature updates

  • Re-added per-world spawn permissions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed documentation generator not outputting some subcommands.
  • Fixed warmup message not appearing on /tpaccept.
  • Fixed warmup cancellation message appearing twice.
  • Fixed warmup cancellation message appearing after a warmup completes.
  • Fixed /world info not accepting a world name when running as a player.

General Notes