Nucleus released this version on Apr 16, 2019

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This is a bug fix and minor feature release for Nucleus for Sponge API version 7.1

This was built from Nucleus commit: 3f1f7866

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

Minor Updates

  • Added /togglevsc to toggle whether the staff chat is hidden or shown.


  • Fix command-spy sometimes not showing commands due to incorrect preference check.

The Future: On the road to 2.0 (and 3.0)

As some of you may have noticed, I have been ripping out replacing the storage system backend. As a user, this probably won’t mean much to you, at least at first, but it heralds the start of Nucleus 2.0.

Nucleus 2.0, which will be for API 7 (so, 1.12.2), will do the following:

  • Delete deprecated API methods and probably make saner ones.
  • Create an API for others to develop alternative storage systems for Nucleus data.
  • Remove some of the lesser used modules, with a view to splitting them into their own plugins.
  • Rework a lot of the older logic to try to make it more performant.

If you’re a developer, the top two points are probably for you. User? The last two may concern you. The following modules are looking likely for removal:

  • Server Shop - they aren’t used much and are are very buggy. Much better solutions exist outside of Nucleus.
  • Warning - again, it doesn’t really provide much functionality and what it does have is inadequate for most needs. It hasn’t seen much work and there are simply more important features that need to be considered.
  • GeoIP has already gone - look for Nucleus Heisenberg.

1.9.x will continue to see bug fix updates and there may be the odd feature, but I plan to spend most of my Nucleus time on 2.0, while also contributing to Sponge for 1.13 (or, as is looking likely, 1.14). However, I am extremely busy too - things may be slow. As always, I welcome new contributors!

As a final note, I expect that, when Sponge API 8 arrives, I will release a Nucleus 3.0 for that to support the drastic changes to Sponge.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.