Nucleus released this version on Aug 5, 2018

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This is a major release for Nucleus for Sponge API version 7.0

This was built from Nucleus commit: a1c40d88

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

New Features

Completely rewritten the Random Teleport system

RTP had loads of problems (the code was awful), so I have taken the time to rewrite it. It should be a lot faster now (I found surface teleports were rarely failing with the new system!), and is also a lot more extensible for developers who want to use Nucleus RTP with their own tweaks.


Please note that the config has changed a bit. Despite my best efforts, some configs may not migrate properly, particularly if you have surface only warps enabled.

“surface-only” and “center-on-player” options have been removed and replaced with “default-mode”. These are (by default):

  • “nucleus:default” - the default RTP behaviour, which selects a point around the spawn location
  • “nucleus:surface_only” - which selects a point around the spawn location that is on the surface
  • “nucleus:around_player” - which selects a point around the player location
  • “nucleus:around_player_surface” - which selects a point around the player location that is on the surface

Please take a moment to check your settings to ensure you get what you want out of RTP when you upgrade.

Added /enderchest support for offline players

Now you can inspect enderchests of offline players, thanks to recent updates in Sponge. You must have the nucleus.enderchest.offline permission, and you must be using a recent version of Sponge. Nucleus will tell you if the version you are using is too old.

Updated /speed command

You may now reset a users’ speed by using the “reset” string in place of a speed. The description for the command has also been updated.

Added ability to exempt some worlds from “spawn on login”

You can now mark worlds as exempt from the spawn on login action, that is, if a player logs into an exempt world, they will not be moved to the spawn point if the spawn on login feature is enabled.

Update AFK to allow hiding AFK messages from those in spectator mode

Some of you might use Spectator mode to vanish and spy on people, but then go AFK and ruin the illusion that you aren’t there. Now, you can prevent these messages going to the player base by turning on a setting in the config.

Add AFK status to /seen

As title, you can see the last time someone was active in /seen.

API updates

Added NucleusRTPService

The NucleusRTPService allows developers to use the Nucleus RTP engine for their own random location needs! It also allows developers to create their own location finding routines for use with the Nucleus RTP command. Developers can create their own RTPKernel and register it using NucleusRTPService#registerKernel, and then have users add the ID as default-mode.

Added NucleusChangeNicknameEvent.Post

This occurs after a nickname change. It is a read only event.

Added NucleusChangeNicknameEvent.Pre, deprecated usage of base NucleusChangeNicknameEvent

Please use NucleusChangeNicknameEvent.Pre instead of NucleusChangeNicknameEvent in the future. NucleusChangeNicknameEvent will become the base event for both Pre and Post in v2.0.


  • Fix incorrect spawn login exemption permission in config comment
  • Fix global spawn settings taking players out of jails on login (players will now always be reset to the jail point on login)

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.

This release has no dependencies