Nucleus released this version on Mar 27, 2018

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This is a bug fix and minor feature release for Nucleus for Sponge API version 7.0

This was built from Nucleus commit: d9613034

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

New Features

Enhanced /nucleus setupperms

Setting up permissions. Something no server admin likes to do, so they just give themselves *, then things go wrong. Horribly wrong. So wrong that they just… disappear when they log into their server once again… like a ghost… only to find that the wildcard permissions are to blame.

Of course, here at Nucleus we try to make it easy for you. /nucleus setupperms has been a staple of Nucleus for many a month now - but it turned out that it wasn’t useful for servers that update - because it might overwrite permissions you set to false.

So… we updated it. Now, /nucleus setupperms will not overwrite a permission it detects in your permission plugin, unless you specify the -r flag.

But there’s more! For those of you that don’t want to mess about with pesky inheritance, you can use the -i flag to apply the suggested permissions for the selected level and all those below it!

BUT WAIT! THERE’S EVEN MORE! This is one for those who setup new servers - if you run /nucleus setupperms -g, you can setup the groups “admin”, “mod” and “default”, setup inheritance between them AND setup Nucleus suggested plugins, all with one command! All you have to do is add yourself to your admin group after running this command, and you are good to go!

This command should work with any permission plugin that implements the Sponge Permission Service correctly.

Add ability to force a world’s gamemode

By setting world.enforce-gamemode-on-world-change, Nucleus will force a player into the world’s gamemode on login and during world changes to the one specified in the world properties, unless the player has the nucleus.world.force-gamemode.override permission. This is off by default.


  • Fixed /world list mixing up reporting for pvp and keepSpawnLoaded
  • Fixed /home limit not working without a player argument (for self)
  • Fixed issue where /gm c etc. sometimes sets a player whose name begins with c into creative instead of yourself
  • Fixed issue where kits could not be deleted
  • Updated out of date doc strings

API updates

There are no API updates in this release

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.