Nucleus released this version on Nov 29, 2020

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IF YOU ARE USING NUCLEUS 2.X, DO NOT USE THIS VERSION. This is a bug fix release for Nucleus 1.14.6 for Sponge API version 7.1

This was built from Nucleus commit: ebbb6bc34

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H


This is expected to be the LAST Nucleus v1 release. Nucleus v1 should now be considered at its end of life and, unless we have introduced a bug in this release, there will be no more v1 versions. v1 will receive no more support, and everyone is encouraged to move to the v2 series when practical.

Permission Adjustments

  • The permission nucleus.inventory.keepondeath is no longer assigned to any group (it was previously assigned to the ADMIN role group/nucleus.admin permission). If you want this permission, you must grant it manually.
  • Added offline player to online player teleportation via /tp.


  • Fixed /enchant --unsafe not respecting the admin role permission.
  • Don’t attempt to edit the dimension ID of a world on import, just delete it and let the server deal with it.

Known Issues