Nucleus released this version on Jun 10, 2020

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This is a bug fix and minor feature release for Nucleus for Sponge API version 7.1

This was built from Nucleus commit: 9e813821

Release Notes

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

A Note on RTP

Many of you have been saying that RTP has been not working super well, even after my complete rewrite of the system. I spent an hour debugging the system and found that I was handing the centre of the border at the wrong point in my calculations.

As you possibly know, the default RTP kernels require three things (for x,z at least):

  • The world centre
  • The minimum radius from the world centre which is a valid RTP point
  • The maximum radius from the world centre which is a valid RTP point

The way the calculation should work for x and z co-ordinates is as follows:

  • Get Java to return a random number between 0 and max-min, then adds min
  • Determine whether the co-ordinate is positive or negative, multiplies the result above by -1 or 1 to do this
  • Add the corresponding x or z co-ordinate from the world spawn point

My mistake was that the second and third step were reversed. This incorrectly set the co-ordinates for three-quarters of the co-ordinates (that is, if either or both of the signs determined in step 2 is negative). The further away your spawn point from (0,0), the worse this bug became. The fix amounted to moving a right parenthesis.

This did not affect any third party kernels, though I don’t think that there are any at this time.

I am sorry if you’ve been tearing your hair out over this!


  • Fixed RTP incorrectly working out target co-ordinates when the centre of the border is not (0, 0)
  • Fix cryptic error message when using a warp to a world that can no longer be found

Known Issues