Nucleus released this version on Aug 12, 2017

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Nucleus 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.10.2

For the version for Minecraft 1.11.2, click here.

For the version for Minecraft 1.12.1 (experimental), click here.

I am pleased to annouce the availability of Nucleus 1.1.0.

Note on future development

Due to upcoming huge changes in the Sponge API for 1.12.1 and subsequently 1.13, it’s become very apparent that trying to support three Minecraft versions with new feature updates is time consuming and very hard on me. There is a huge breaking change to come in API 7 that will break a lot of Nucleus (though it will be easy to update, don’t worry!) and trying to keep feature parity is going to be really hard.

As a result, I regret to annouce that this version (1.1) will be the last feature release for API 5 and API 6, that is, Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. 1.1 will be designated LTS. Bug fixes will still be provided for a while for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2, and a limited feature set may be backported, however, all feature development will focus on 1.12.1+.

The benefit of this is that with the advances Sponge is making in API 7, a lot of legacy code that props up API 5 and 6 can be removed, and we can right some wrongs more easily. Kits, for example, are a bit of a mess in the back end, and it will be easier focusing on one version.

So, 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 support is not being completely dropped, but new features will now on;y be developed for Minecraft 1.12.1+.

Release Notes

Important Note about Nucleus Mixins: Nucleus Mixins is a mod not a plugin, that can be used on SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla servers. It MUST be in your MODS directory, NOT any other plugin directory.

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/MC2mAuS

Important Changes & Notices

Are you upgrading from Nucleus 0.x? Upgrade to 1.0.1 first.

Nucleus 1.1 removes a lot of old migration code that has been in the codebase since the very early days. 1.0.1 is the last version that contains this migration code, anyone updating directly from 0.x to 1.1 may not get a smooth migration.

Nucleus now runs on the client server

If you want to try Nucleus on a client server world, now you can. Please note that not much testing has gone into the plugin on the client, and it is not the focus of this plugin.

New Features

Server list: Whitelist only mode

In 1.0, Nucleus was able to alter the server list and offer a random MOTD to players, and could use a separate list for the whitelist. However, some players wanted Nucleus to only modify the serverlist if the whitelist was active. You can now do this, by setting server-list.modify-server-list-messages to whitelist in main.conf.

Added /killentity command

A more specific version of /kill, this command allows you to kill certain classes of entity, such as hostile mobs. The command format is:

/killentity [-r <radius>] <armorstand|hostile|passive|item|player>

The radius is optional, but encouraged.

Added AFK targets

Now, server owners can define what actions are counted when checking for activity. In main.conf, in the afk.triggers section, you can define whether an action, for example, rotating a player, would count as being active.

This should help those who use plugins that use the Nucleus AFK status to determine if a player is active, but players try to get around using AFK pools. In this scenario, set on-movement to false.

Added unmute and unjail permissions

Some servers like to separate out unmute and unjail from mute and jail permissions. Nucleus now does this, but you have to turn on the feature.

To turn on this feature, go to either the mute or jail module configs in main.conf, and set require-separate-unmute-permission or require-separate-unjail-permission to true, and reload the config. Your server will then check the permission nucleus.mute.unmute or nucleus.jail.unjail for unmuting and unjailing.

Added /msgtoggle

Players can now block private messages using the /msgtoggle command. However, this can be bypassed by anyone with the nucleus.msgtoggle.bypass permission.

Added /tellplain

This works in the same way as /plainbroadcast does, except it sends a message to a specific user. This also supports selectors, and can send a message to multiple players at once.

Developers - API updates

Repository: ‘http://repo.drnaylor.co.uk/artifactory/list/minecraft’. Dependency (1.10.2): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.1.0-S5.1’ Dependency (1.11.2): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.1.0-S6.0’ Dependency (1.12.1): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.1.0-S7.0’

Addition of NucleusNicknameService

Developers can now change a player’s nickname as seen by Nucleus. Note that once Keys.DISPLAY_NAME is available, Nucleus will start attempting to migrate to that, for complete cross plugin compatibility.

Added an event for RTP when selecting a location to teleport to

Nucleus now fires the NucleusRTPEvent.SelectedLocation when it finds a location to teleport a player to during /rtp. Cancelling the event will tell /rtp to find somewhere else to teleport the player to.

Minor Changes & Enhancements

  • Overhauled nicknames to be more robust
  • Allow Strings to be passed as the sender to the StaffChatMessageChannel
  • Added ability to provide a custom server full message.
  • Added ability to teleport outside of world border using the -b flag.
  • Added way to force connection messages to be sent to all players.


  • Fixed rotation not being set during teleports
  • Fixed the “nucleus_muted” context always being applied.
  • Protected against an NPE in /serverstat
  • Fix item name displaying “air” in /itembuy
  • Fixed god mode setting the food level way too high
  • Fixed /invsee and /ec modify permissions not working as intended.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.