This project is no longer active due to all APIs required being in API 7. This is here for legacy servers.

Nucleus Mixins

Nucleus Mixins is a companion plugin to Nucleus that enables enhanced routines for world generation and /invsee for 1.10.2 servers.

Nucleus Mixins MUST go in your “mods” directory, NOT a “plugin” directory, as it is technically a mod, NOT a plugin

This is currently available for 1.10.x ONLY.

Mixin Changes

The following changes are made by mixins at runtime. They can be disabled by editing config/nucleus/mixins.conf. The default config file looks like this:

# Enables /invsee to work across all players.
# Enhanced world generation

World Generation

World Generation adds a few functions that allows Nucleus to communicate with Minecraft internal to test if a chunk has been loaded, and to bypass the “deny chunk requests” option if you are running a some older versions of Sponge.


The invsee tweaks injects a check into the function on a player inventory that determines if a player can see it. Before, it was setup so you must be 8 blocks away, this liimitation is removed on a player inventory if another player is looking at it.

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Published on Jan 15, 2017




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