Nipo / Tab Modifier

A simple & easy to use tab manager plugin, based on luckperms


TabModifier is an addon for luckperms, it synchronize players’ prefix/suffix to tablist and support placeholders

Make Sure you have LuckPerms & PlaceholderApi installed

Since I’ve update my PGP keys, I’m not able to upload TabModifier-1.4.0 to Ores for 3 days, you can download TabModifier 1.4.0 at my github relase page


  • Listening to LuckPerms events, once player/group meta changed, synchronize all changes to tablist
  • Support PlaceholderApi, you can add placeholders to header/footer/prefix/suffix
  • Support MultiLine header/footer, use \n to split
  • Make your players’ tablist dynamic


  • /tab refresh - refresh all players’ tablist
  • /tab reload - reload config
  • /tab setheader [header] - set header value
  • /tab setfooter [footer] - set footer value


  • tabmodifier.refresh
  • tabmodifier.reload
  • tabmodifier.setheader
  • tabmodifier.setfooter


1.How to set prefix/suffix?

  • lp user [username] meta setprefix [weight] [prefix]
  • lp user [username] meta setsuffix [weight] [suffix]
  • lp group [groupname] meta setprefix [weight] [prefix]
  • lp group [groupname] meta setsuffix [weight] [suffix]
  • if one player/group has multiple prefix/suffix, tabmodifier will use that with highest weight value

2.How do I add placeholder?

  • you can get all placeholders here
  • use luckperms command to set prefix/suffix, which contains placeholders you want to use, for example
  • lp user skioak meta setsuffix 1 &e[&a%player_ping%&e]
  • you can add placeholders to your header and footer

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Published on Mar 5, 2018


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