Niebek released this version on Jan 22, 2022

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Hello Eagles! 🦅

Its been a looooong time since we had last EF release and so 0.16.0 is finally here! 🦅

This update adds new commands, functionalities, improvements and bugfixes. Check release notes below to see more details. Wiki will be updated progressively.

As always, backup your data before upgrading! Either by doing full server backup or by backuping EF data with /f createbackup.

Also, as SpongeAPI 8 is now released, work on EagleFactions for API 8 will be started soon.

Thank you for using Eagle Factions! And many thanks to everyone for your support! If you encounter any issues, feel free to post them at Github issues section.

This release has been tested with SpongeForge-1.12.2-2838-7.4.7

Release Notes


  • Updated Sponge API dependency to 7.4.0
  • Command blocks now skips protection checks. (Those guys are above the law)
  • EF decided to go in alliance with UChat and to no more destroy UChat channels. (Integration with UltimateChat!) :D
  • Added few UltimateChat tags as well. Of course, tags from PAPI will still work as before.
  • Option for blocking certain commands in other factions territory. NO MORE escaping with /f home for YA!
  • Wilderness has now its own white-lists in the config file. How wild!
  • Command for checking maxpower for all players.
  • Attack on claim can be now displayed as a bossbar (Check config file!)
  • Clicking on faction members in faction info to view information about them.
  • Clicking on alliances, enemies and truces in faction info to view information about them.
  • Add faction permission for using faction chests (/f chest). It may be useful to prevent recruits from using /f chest
  • Disbanding factions from the console.
  • Setting faction’s publicity from the console.
  • %last_online% PAPI placeholder
  • Claim Fill command. Basically, if you only have claimed boundries of your territory, you can use this command to fill up the interior.
  • Set Faction command, which let’s an admin to force set someone’s faction and rank.
  • Option to set default tag color (check config file)
  • Show all required resources to create faction / claim chunk if the player does not have them currently in the inventory.
  • eaglefactions.admin.home.teleport_to_others permission that let’s you to teleport to other factions’ homes
  • SQLite database.


  • Disbanding will now perform additional cleaning operations like… stopping player AUTO CLAIM and AUTO MAP modes.
  • Database tables adjustments.
  • Dynmap faction regions will now color themselves based on faction’s tag color.


  • PIXELMON Allow pokeballs to be used in safezone.
  • PVPLogger fixes.
  • Dynmap integrations fixes.
  • Additional small bugfixes and improvements…

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! 🦅