Niebek released this version on Nov 4, 2020

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Hello Eagles! 🦅

This version of Eagle Factions contains some new features and many bugfixes (thank you so much for your reports).

Note: This update should be numbered 0.16 as it contains many changes but I decided to increment patch version instead.

If you find any problems, please post them at Github. :)

This release has been tested with SpongeForge-1.12.2-2838-7.3.0

Release Notes


  • Updated SpongeAPI dependency to 7.3.0.
  • Factions can be now created and disbanded from the console.
  • Players can be now promoted/demoted from the console.
  • Added possibility to show what claim is being attacked
  • Commands’ descriptions are now translatable.
  • API: Added FactionRenameEvent


  • Added claim cache to improve performance. Thanks to NoTimeForHero.
  • English message will be used if selected translation’s message will be missing.
  • Improved debug messages that are printed to the chat if player uses debug mode.
  • Updated russian translation. Thanks to Iterator.


  • API: Added Pre and Post events to all existing events.
  • Admin Mode command permission has been changed to eaglefactions.admin.adminmode
  • Admin Mode can now be always turned on by giving a player eaglefactions.adminmode permission. Note: This will not give player access to admin commands. It will only allow to bypass claim protection.
  • Debug Mode Command is now a regular player command and its permission key is eaglefactions.player.debug


  • Fixed square claim usage by admins in non-claimable worlds.
  • Fixed truces being able to interact in own territory.
  • Fixed open modular turrets being duplicated in claims when destroyed.
  • Fixed attack timer being not stopped on player death.
  • Fixes for handling Mekanism flamethrower.
  • Fixed Alliance and Faction chats giving crashes sometimes.
  • Fixed backups being not able to save/load data sometimes.
  • Fixed MariaDB database url.
  • Fixed chunk regeneration giving crashes on faction removal due to inactivity.
  • Some other small bugfixes.

Known bugs:

  • The One Probe is triggering protection system in Eagle Factions when you are looking at a block in protected territory. At this moment, I have no idea how to fix this.
  • Industrial Craft’s Mining Laser is still somehow affecting blocks in protected territory. If you shoot on the side of the claim then blocks will be duplicated. Mining Laser does not trigger Sponge’s Explosion Event. This makes it a little bit harder to fix.
  • In Flan’s Mod, a player who is using a vehicle, can move into other factions territories without being pushed back when faction memebrs are offline and block-entering-faction-while-offline is enabled.

Future Plans:

  • Bringing Friendly Fire Command back
  • and more…

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! 🦅