Niebek released this version on Jul 14, 2020

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Hello Eagles! 🦅

This version of Eagle Factions contains bugfixes (thank you so much for your reports) and some improvements.

If you find any problems, please post them at Github. :)

This release has been tested with SpongeForge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.3

Release Notes


  • Added Portuguese language (thanks to user Mercy)
  • Added Spanish language (thanks to user Racso)


  • Eagle Factions won’t set default permissions if it detects that players already have (normal and negated) permissions for the plugin.
  • Optimize FactionsRemover so that it will not freeze the server during searching for inactive factions.
  • Optimize SquareClaimCommand.



  • API: FactionDisbandEvent is correctly fired from FactionRemover (faction inactivity).
  • Fixed home teleport particles.
  • Fixed faction alliances/truces/enemies being not updated after disbanding a faction.
  • Fixed player being not updated when faction got created by using items.
  • Fixed formatting in some messages.
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred while checking for player’s permission for the claim.
  • Fixed decoding dynmap marker colors from the config file.
  • Fixed protection from machines from Ancient Warfare.

Known bugs:

  • The One Probe is triggering protection system in Eagle Factions when you are looking at a block in protected territory. At this moment, I have no idea how to fix this.
  • Industrial Craft’s Mining Laser is still somehow affecting blocks in protected territory. If you shoot on the side of the claim then blocks will be duplicated. Mining Laser does not trigger Sponge’s Explosion Event. This makes it a little bit harder to fix.

Future Plans:

  • Bringing Friendly Fire Command back
  • and more…

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! 🦅