Niebek released this version on May 18, 2020

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Hello Eagles! 🦅

Version 0.15.0 of Eagle Factions has finally arrived.

This update contains database changes which are not compatible with older plugin versions. Be aware of that. However, storage should update itself automatically to the new format. Despite this, it is recommended to create a backup of your factions data before updating.

Moreover, this update contains tons of new features and fixes. Take a look at release notes below to see what is new!

If you find any problems, please post them at Github. :)

Release Notes


  • Metrics (Bstats). Please turn turn them on for Eagle Factions on your server! :)
  • Access Command which allows leaders and offciers to assign territoires to specific faction members!
  • Backup Command which lets you backup your factions data and restore it later or on different server.
  • Regen Command which lets you disband and regenerate chunks that were claimed by specified faction.
  • Claims Command which shows you location of your claims and provides some extra info if you hover your mouse of them.
  • Config node where you can specify which ranks will be visible in the chat.
  • Particle effect when player teleports to faction home.
  • Separate items/blocks whitelists for SafeZone and WarZone.
  • Online field to information about player in Player Command.


  • Overall plugin optimization
  • Help Command now takes an optional number paramter. Just so that you can open specific help page directly.
  • Updated Polish Translation
  • Updated French Translation
  • Updated Russian Translation
  • Included build number in Version Command


  • Factions are now saved in separate files inside new factions directory.
  • Removed Leader Perms as leaders should have permission for everything.


  • Fixed some english meanings.
  • Sticky pistons no longer duplicates blocks in claimed territories.
  • Fixed bug where fluids did not dissapear in claimed territories.
  • Not claimable worlds are now ignored by protection system.
  • Fixed bug where Eagle’s Feather was removed from inventory when player hit the chest (Left Click).
  • Fixed bug where Eagle’s Feather was removed from inventory multiple times when player opened the chest.
  • Fixed bug where protection system could not detect explosive ammuntion from Flan’s Mod.
  • Fixed bug where Digital Miner could mine blocks in protected territory.
  • Fixed bug where fall damage was not blocked in SafeZone.

Known bugs:

  • The One Probe is triggering protection system in Eagle Factions when you are looking at a block in protected territory. At this moment, I have no idea how to fix this.
  • Industrial Craft’s Mining Laser is still somehow affecting blocks in protected territory. If you shoot on the side of the claim then blocks will be duplicated. Mining Laser does not trigger Sponge’s Explosion Event. This makes it a little bit harder to fix.

Future Plans:

  • Bringing Friendly Fire Command back
  • and more…

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! 🦅