A core system to link plugins to one similar API service (Used by GTS, Daycare, and my other plugins)

Impactor API

Impactor API is a take on the many developer APIs already available, but suited more towards general purpose design. Impactor also doubles as a plugin itself, allowing you to “enable and disable” plugins hooked to its core system in game and as desired. Unlike plugman, however, this plugin doesn’t remove them from the class path. It simply just unregisters all commands, listeners, running tasks, and whatever else the implementing plugin decides.

Server Owners

Simply just drag and drop Impactor into your mods folder, and it’ll serve as the bridge for plugins like GTS, Daycare, Bidoof Unleashed, and any other plugin running against its core. If you wish to see debug information about plugin operations occurring through the API service, or disable such, simply edit the configuration file to impactor, and apply settings as desired.


Impactor serves as a vast resource for simplifying the developing process. Most notable will be the similar inventory system to TeslaLibs. Most of the structure follows from the TeslaLibs implementation, but has been modified ever so slightly to further automate or improve on the inventory creation process. Code examples for those wishing to potentially write against the API will come in the next few coming days.

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Published on Nov 12, 2018


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