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Let your economy soar through a player run market that easily reflects your economy’s strengths!


GTS is loosely based on the Pokemon Global Trading Station feature from the classic games. However, the current design of GTS permits for much more than that service.

At present, GTS at base is fully vanilla compatible. As such, GTS should be able to be run against SpongeVanilla! It’s a common misconception that this plugin is strictly for Pixelmon related usage, but it is possible to use this plugin against multiple different environment types, including modpacks like FTB.


Should you have any issues with the plugin, you can join the support discord here: Click


This dependency list is current as of: GTS 6.0.10

  • Impactor 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Sponge 7.3.0 or later (NOT API 8 - that’ll come in time)
  • Protocol Control 0.0.2 or later


GTS provides the following feature set:

  • Players are able to create their own Listings in which other players can purchase the listing player’s items
    • There are two methods of purchasing a user’s listing
      • Auctions
      • Direct Purchases (Dubbed Buy It Now, or BIN)
  • Cross Server Functionality
    • GTS allows for communication across multiple servers via systems like Bungee and Redis.
    • In other words, if user X makes some action on server A, server B, C, and so on will be notified of the action immediately and handle it as necessary.
  • Player Specific Settings
    • Allows your players to control how GTS functions specifically for them
  • Fully integrated in a user interface
    • Other than commands of access, all functions take place within a user friendly interface designed with the idea of ensuring users can easily learn the functionality
  • An ever-expanding Developer API to allow for customization as desired
  • Discord Integration
    • GTS allows for sending notices of actions that take place through the plugin straight to your discord.



Extensions are as they are titled, extensions. They allow for adding new compatibility to GTS, such as a means of obtaining a certain mod’s items!

With GTS 6.0.0, plugin extensions were redesigned and no longer are sponge plugins. Rather, they now are simply marked extensions to help users understand that they are not the plugin itself; this issue came up way too much…

Now, extensions live in the following directory: ./config/gts/extensions

At current, GTS provides extensions for the following options:

  • Pixelmon - Reforged and Generations

These provided extensions can only be found in the linked Discord, as they cannot be uploaded to Ore.

Your Support Helps

While not required, you are free to make a donation here. This will purely be considered incentive towards continued development of this free product. I will not be bummed nor will I treat you differently should you decide to save your money for more important matters.

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Published on Aug 17, 2018




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