A Sponge focused marketing plugin


GTS is a plugin originally built around the concept of Pixelmon, bringing the Global Trading Station from the games to Sponge. Since it’s origin, GTS has built itself into an API standardized setup, allowing third-party plugins to hook in and add support for their own types of content. To use GTS currently, you will need forge if you plan to run it on a Pixelmon environment, but it is planned for this project to eventually export the Pixelmon components into an external module. That said, let’s see what the plugin is about…




  • General-purpose market selling, for anything supported.
  • Auction-based market listings
  • Ability to view your own listings, and remove them at your own leisure
  • Ability to sort listings based on typing (currently only supporting Pixelmon and Items)
  • Support for a Discord Webhook, allowing you to receive detailed information right to your Discord server!
  • Ability for those with permission to add listings without the needed requirements


To install GTS, you must install both the provided GTS jar, as well as the provided Impactor jar. Impactor is an API-based plugin which handles the common code for most of my plugins. By itself, it registers all plugins loaded to it, and allows you to simulate plugin disconnect and reconnects.

On top of that, there is another requirement to ensure the plugin runs smoothly:

After placing these 3 jars in your server’s mods folder, simply start up the server and everything should be setup for you!


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Published on Aug 17, 2018




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