I got permission from Mike to port his awesome worldedit addon for sponge, big thanks to him.

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SchematicBrush provides an enhanced edit brush for WorldEdit, allowing specific or randomly selected schematics to be applied quickly and conveniently using the standard brush tool capabilities. Support Information


SchematicBrush is a simple add-on plugin for WorldEdit on the Bukkit platform. Consequently, the plugin cannot be used without WorldEdit having been properly installed.

SchematicBrush adds a new type of brush control for WorldEdit - one based on the application of contents of one or more schematic files. One activated, each use of the brush tool will load the appropriate schematic file into the clipboard, optionally rotate and/or flip the data, and then apply it with the center of the bottom of the given schematic centered on the location the brush was applied.

The brush can be set to select more than one schematic source : in this event, each use of the tool will randomly select a schematic among those listed. In addition, each schematic selected can optionally indicate that either a specific or a random value be used for rotating and/or flipping the schematic before it is pasted. The format for schematic specifications is as follows:

[email protected]
[email protected] flip
[email protected]:weight
[email protected] flip:weight 


  • name is the name of the schematic file to be used. Names can also include wildcards (* or ?, as used on Windows or Linux command line) or can be regular expressions (these must start with ^ - see for regex details). In these cases, each use of the schematic specification will randomly select one of the schematics matching the given pattern.
  • rotation is the rotation, in degrees, to be applied to the schematic once loaded (see rotate command). If ‘*’ is specified, a rotation is selected at random. Other valid values are 0 (default), 90, 180, and 270.
  • flip is the flip option specified. If ‘*’ is specified, a random selection is made (none, north-south, or east-west). If ‘N’ or ‘S’ is specified, the loaded schematic is flipped north-to-south before being applied. If ‘E’ or ‘W’ is specified, the loaded schematic is flipped east-to-west before being applied.
  • weight allows specific control of the random selection of the schematic. If specified, the value is the percent chance that the given schematic will be selected. If not specified, the schematic is equally likely to be selected as any other that has not specified a weight (and all those share whatever percentage remains once the weight values for those schematics that specified a value are totaled).

SchematicBrush also allows definition and use of schematic sets: persistent named collections of schematic specifications. Once defined, a schematic set can be used by any authorized user on the server. Each schematic set consists of a name, an optional description, and a list of one or more schematic specifications. Requirements

This plugin requires WorldEdit/and or fawe

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Published on Jul 20, 2018




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