Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft.



NeumimTo released this version on Mar 6, 2019

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  • Basic outline for Attributes (do not work yet)

  • Added delay function to javascript engine bindings

  • Fixed a bug which caused a player to be able to have multiple classes of same type at one time

  • Improved Effects concept, creating new effects within JS is now much easier

  • Localization bundles are now copied to the directory localizations and loaded from there using its own classloader.

  • Fixed wrong experience calculation when a character had multiple classes with same experience source

  • If the skill within a skilltree is missconfigured it will no longer fail during execution, but it will inherit missing setting nodes from skill`s default configuration, if theres one

  • Fixed skillbinds (/skill bind command)

  • You may now contact me on a new discord.

  • Requires NT-CORE snapshot 10

  • Requires skillpack to be upgraded as well -

This release has no dependencies