Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft.



NeumimTo released this version on Nov 1, 2018

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  • Added basic support for translation, added czech and polish localization (not yet 100% done)

  • Mob experiences gained after kill may now be adjusted on a race or class level

  • Improved tab-autocompletition for skills

  • Parts of the plugin now may be reload at runtime

  • Added yet another way how to create skills.

  • fixed lots of bugs related to inventory menus, skill execution etc..

  • Refactored large portion of skills which makes entire system more flexible.

  • Make some changes to prepare the plugin to allow skill packs (jar files) to be reloadable on the fly

  • Changed way how the plugin manages the database schema. If you are running mysql or postgres hibernate no longer generates tables automatically, this approach is generally more safe.

  • Bunch of another features which i already forgot about.

  • Added some placeholders which you can use together with placeholderapi

You can grab skills here: (as usual you place the skills jar to the ntrpg config addons directory)

Very simple examples how to setup classes, races and skilltrees may be found here.

The documentation is lacking and due to complexity its not so easy to configure this correctly :( For more question reach me out on discord:

This release has no dependencies