Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft.



NeumimTo released this version on Mar 2, 2018

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  • Dev build features are not finished, may change, contains some not-critical bugs

  • Updated to spongeapi 7.1

  • Revmapped entire item system into more robust thing.

    • Item properties, item sockets, custom item enchantments are no longer stored into item lore, but nbt tags
    • Abstracted away lots of boiler plate code when working with custom effects/enchantments via ASM
    • Implemented @Inject annotation on a effect constructor. If this annotation is used Effect model (primitives/class having only public members) are now automatically created from EffectData nbt tag


Added bunch of configuration nodes which allow customize inventory menus via resource packs


  • Fixed & added some bugs
  • Updated Javascript examples to work with 7.1 Sponge
  • Bunch of other stuff i already forgot about.