A protection plugin based upon factions and towny

Zone Protect


Zone protect is a protection based plugin designed to give admins control over every aspect of the plugin. Most protection plugins for Sponge seem to lack control in the fact they typically have one permission which does everything resulting in some unwanted features going to those who shouldn’t.

Zone protect was forged from the idea of Factions and Towny in the fact a member of the server creates a zone based upon power level, currency, etc as well as the community/city living culture that came natually to servers who used Factions or Towny

Zone protect is designed to be easy to use, yet feature rich with all the power going towards admins who have the ability to give what they want to the groups (permission groups) of the server which every action having its own permission.

Main features

  • Split your zone’s members into groups
  • zones can be placed inside zones (within reason - main purpose being for houses)
  • 1 permission 1 action

Commands and Permissions

If you don’t have a permissions plugin, thats fine. Zone Protect comes with “default permissions” whereby if no permissions plugin was detected, then some permissions will be applied to all players and the rest to OP players. Please note that this feature is in version 1.0.1 and above.

Commands and Permissions Wiki

Our promise

Zone protect is a open source plugin that is free to download (if that be source code or binary - .jar - files). If you paid for this plugin in a none donation method then ask for your money back.

Zone protect is free and will always be free.

Data collection

We do not and will never collect any data from you via the plugin, the only way we plan on collecting data is when we give a link out for a survey, this way you are psyically aknowledging that you wish data to be collected about you and this method does not collect data on your server’s users.


When it comes to supporting the plugin, we offer help to those who ask though our offical channels (discord support link above, github issue board or this ore page) however we will only give support for offical versions of zone protect and then only the latest LTS and/or latest release (exception can apply if a valid reason for a unsupported version requires support, such as the version your using is the last version that works with your Sponge API). If you are having issues with zone protect on a version that does not meet that criteria, you will be told to update.

Release guide

We plan on having two release lines, the first targetting the latest LTS build of Sponge and the other being the latest Sponge. This may mean that two binary files get uploaded, if so please check the sponge api (shown in the little yellow box) matches your sponge version however we attempt to make only one binary that suits both sponge versions.

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Published on Jan 27, 2022




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