Essentials-S is another essentials plugin. However unlike most essentials plugin it is designed from the ground up to work with Sponge API 8+.

What is a Essential plugin

A Essential plugin adds all commands, options, signs, etc. that are not part of vanilla but should be. Commands like kit, warp, home, etc.

Why not Nucleus?

With Dual (The developer of Nucleus) leaving the Sponge community it has meant that Nucleus will no longer receive updates and it was sadly never fully developed for Sponge API 8, leaving Sponge API 8 admins without an essentials plugin.

Commands and Permissions

There are too many to put on this page so you can find them here

Commands and Permissions

What works

Currently Essentials-S is in early development and is missing many features (Would love help in any way) so currently its easier to list what is currently working

  • account bans
  • warp
  • respawn rules
  • homes
  • kits
  • vanish
  • chat placeholders
  • ip bans
  • player teleport requests (/tpaccept, /tpdeny, /tphere, etc)
  • AFK
  • inventory see
  • open block inventory
  • mute
  • hat (The important things)


Essentials-S allows you to change all messages of the plugin, which allows translations of all messages. If you wish to make your translations part of the plugin then please submit a issue with the translations on GitHub (click the support tab) or submit a pull request


  • A SpongeAPI platform (Sponge Vanilla or Sponge Forge)
  • platform with support of API 8

Optional Additions

  • A permissions plugin
  • A economy plugin
  • A chat management plugin

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Feb 22, 2023




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