SkyClaims is an Island plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention



Mohron released this version on Oct 22, 2019

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Beta 28

NOTE: Sponge Forge 1.12.2-2825-7.1.6-RC3697 adds entity and biome support for schematics

REQUIRED: Sponge API 7.1 (SF 3682+); GP 1.12.2-; Permissions Plugin (ie. LuckPerms) OPTIONAL: Nucleus 1.9.0-S7.1+

  • Added new schematic features:
    • /is create & /is reset now feature a chest UI when more than 1 schematic is available
    • /is schematic - schematic parent & list command
    • /is schematic create <name> - replaces /isa createschematic <name>
    • /is schematic delete <schematic> - deletes a schematic
    • /is schematic command <schematic> <add|remove> <command> - manages schematic commands
    • /is schematic info <schematic> - displays detailed information about a schematic
    • /is schematic setbiome <schematic> <biome> - set a default biome for a schematic that overrides the permission option
    • /is schematic setheight <schematic> <height> - set the generation height of a schematic
    • /is schematic setname <schematic> <name> - set an in-game name for a schematic that supports formatting code
    • /is schematic seticon <schematic> <icon> - set an icon for a schematic to be used by the chest GUI
    • /is schematic setpreset <schematic> <preset> - set a flat world preset for a schematic *see flat world preset support
    • skyclaims.default-schematic now defaults to empty which will list valid schematics
    • Removed Misc-List-Schematics config
    • Added Misc > Text-Schematic-List config to disable new chest UI
  • Removed /isa &/is admin
    • /is transfer replaces /isa transfer
    • /is reload replaces /isa reload
    • Admin-Command-Alias config removed
  • Added skyclaims.max-teammates option to limit the number of players per island
  • Added fine-grained keep/clear inventory control:
    • Player inventory keep inventory permissions:
      • skyclaims.keepinv.player.create
      • skyclaims.keepinv.player.delete
      • skyclaims.keepinv.player.kick
      • skyclaims.keepinv.player.leave
      • skyclaims.keepinv.player.reset
    • EnderChest inventory keep inventory permissions:
      • skyclaims.keepinv.enderchest.create
      • skyclaims.keepinv.enderchest.delete
      • skyclaims.keepinv.enderchest.kick
      • skyclaims.keepinv.enderchest.leave
      • skyclaims.keepinv.enderchest.reset
  • Added /is entity command for detailed entity information
  • Added /is setname [name] command
  • Added /scplayerinfo command for debugging permission options
  • Added support for flat world preset codes (block ID portion only) for region generation
  • Added new schematics:
    • Stoneblock 2
    • SkyFactory 4
  • Added World > Regen-On-Create config option
  • Reworked /is list [island] [sort type] [sort order]
    • Sort order has been separated from sort type
    • Sort Orders: ASC, DESC
    • Added Misc > Primary-List-Sort config option - sets a sort type that gets applied before the one provided from the command argument
  • Added Misc > Island-Commands config option
    • Commands trigger on island creation, join, and reset
    • Removed Misc > Create-Commands & Misc > Reset-Commands
  • Removed outdated schematics:
    • Garden of Glass
    • SkyExchange
  • Added island min-size check when an island owner logs in and if necessary, the island will be expanded
  • Fixed schematics sometimes not generating at the intended height. The height set will be the height the player is at when standing on the lowest block of a schematic.
  • Fixed Nucleus Integration commands not registering after a reload
  • Fixed admin island expansion (/is info) bug where old clickable text can be used to expand outside the region
  • Fixed a bug where /is lock would not prevent entry to a locked island
  • Fixed a bug when removing overlapping claims during /is create
  • Updated bStats to 1.4