A plugin that monitors what players do ingame and logs it!

Block Monitor - Sponge Version 7.x

Block monitor is similar to prism it monitors blocks placed in the world and other events

Top features


we also support ASYNC which means if multiple people place a item in inventorys at the same time they can all be saved at the same time by default this is up to 10 threads increasing this will allow more threads to be used but there is thread limit on most operating systems so be careful not to set this too high

Inventory tracking

we currently track items inserted into and removed from a inventory this includes modded inventorys

Full mod support

When using the /restorenear command we full support modded blocks and blocks with complex tile entitys this means when you restore blocks they will face the correct direction and for example if they contained energy will keep this energy

Real time support

We have a discord channel https://discord.gg/8j3g8XD which you can get real time support in! as well as general chat

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Published on Sep 22, 2019




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