Luck released this version on May 16, 2020

1.4 MB
  • Improved the file watcher system used by flatfile storage, it’s now much faster to detect and apply updates
  • Added support for unicode double quote characters when parsing command arguments
  • Improved performance when constructing/posting events provided by the LuckPerms API
  • Changed the verbose handling code to be less intrusive to the server
  • Added support for SSL connection to Redis
  • Fixed the Year 2038 problem in LP MySQL tables (expiry times further into the future than 2038)
  • Released LP API 5.1, with a number of improvements and convenience methods added for developers
  • Added meta-value-selection config setting
  • Added listener to update the client commands list when permissions are changed
  • Changed exporter to output users & tracks in a consistent order
  • Removed legacy import functionality
  • Added notice to inform users to ignore ‘illegal reflective access’ warning messages
  • Fixed bug with empty string world names when calculating world contexts
  • Fixed issue converting MongoDB document _id to UUID
  • Fixed applying track reordering from the webeditor
  • Added checkTime property to verbose data
  • Improved commands to reply with more descriptive message when http requests fail
  • Fixed bug with null entries in Permission#children map
  • Improved plugin startup sequence so dependencies are downloaded in parallel
  • Changed HikariCP config to improve recovery following database downtime
  • Added a number of (previously removed) command aliases
  • Fixed group listmembers command behaviour with the default group
  • Added more useful debug message when a LinkageError is thrown due to bad SLF4J classloading
  • Improved performance when loading lots of groups from SQL storage types
  • Improved sync task performance
  • Improved performance of /lp log commands
  • Improved user info command
  • Added contextual data section to group info command