NameDescriptionDefault value
antiReplaceActiveis the anti replace farming system activefalse
antiReplaceTimethe time in hours after that a block will again be rewarded if the anti replace farming system is active48
enabledGamemodeslist of gamemodes the job system is activated inadventure, survival
maxSelectedJobsmaximum amount of jobs that can be selected at the same time1
xpWithoutJobthe value the ep is multiplied by if the job is not selected0.5
fallbackLanguagethe language to use if the language of the player is not available“en”
levelthe default ep borders for the next level0,50,100…
jobsthe list of the configuraitons for the jobs[]
jobFilesa list of files that each have a job configuration[]
commandsthe settings for the commandsautomatically generated, can be edited
translationsthe settings for the messagesautomatically generated, can be edited, if edited to [] it will stay empty
translationFilesa map of languages and files that each have a translation configuration for one language. The base path is this folder{}


General settings

NameDescriptionDefault value
namethe display name of the job""
descriptiona description of the job""
permissiona permission needed to join the job""
levelthe levels of the job if it is empty the default jobs will be used[]
bonussee JobBoni{multiDrop=[], ep=[], itemRepair=[], itemDrop=[], economy=[]}
abilitythe ability of this job{}
actionssee JobActions{break=[], place=[], kill=[], damage=[], use=[], tame=[]}


All JobActions need a list of JobItems with the informations

NameDescriptionSupported JobItem items
breakfor the destruction of blocksblockstate
placeplacing of blocksblockstate
killkilling of entities, can’t be canceled -> no needLevelentitytype
damagedamaging of entitiesentitytype
useinteraction with the item in the hand (right and left click)itemtype
tamewhen an entity is tamedentitytype

Settings for JobItems

NameDescriptionDefault value
xpthe amount of xp the player gets if he does the action with this item0.0
needLevelthe level the player needs to have to do this action0
itemthe item of the jobaction""

The items are strings like “minecraft:stone” for stone blocks or “minecraft:wooden_pickaxe” for wooden pickaxes.


The available boni types are:

|Name|Works with Jobactions|Description| |—-|————|—|—| |multiDrop|destroyBlocks, placeBlocks|drops the item of the action another time |ep|all|drops some ep (not job xp) |itemRepair|all, needs an item in the hand slot with durability|repairs the item by a given percentage |itemDrop|all|drops an extra item |economy|all|awards economy money

Each of these Boni have a list of Boni Settings under them.

Boni Settings

NameDescriptionDefault value
probabilitythe probability the boni will be used at an action0.05
sendMessageshould a message be send to the player if the boni is rewardedfalse
messagethe message that will be send if sendMessage is true""
minLevelthe min. level the player need to have to get this boni0
maxLevelthe max. level the player is allowed to have to get this boni-1
onlySelectedonly reward the boni if the job is selectedtrue

Extra Settings for the different Boni Types:

NameDescriptionDefault value
extraDropsthe amount of extra items0
NameDescriptionDefault value
minEpthe minimum amount of Ep0
maxEpthe maximum amount of Ep0
NameDescriptionDefault value
minPercentthe minimum percent the item gets repaired0
maxPercentthe maximum percent the item gets repaired0
NameDescriptionDefault value
itemthe itemstack that will be droped{type=“dirt”, amount=1}
NameDescriptionDefault value
amountMinthe minimum amount of money rewarded0.0
amountMaxthe maximum amount of money rewarded0.0
currencythe id of the currency to use, defaults to the default currency


NameDescriptionDefault value
namethe name of the ability""
cooldownamount of seconds between uses0
potionEffectadds a potion effect to the player{amplifier=0, duration=1, potionType=“minecraft:speed”, particles=true, ambiance=false}


A Documentation of the Translation Settings and which variables are available can be found in the Github Wiki or on Sponge Ore

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