Kazz96 released this version on Apr 4, 2021

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Please welcome this major update of Cosmos designed for Minecraft 1.12.2 and Sponge API 7.3.0.

For more information about plugin setup, commands and permissions, check out the official Wiki which is full of details.

/!\ Migration note /!\

Cosmos configuration file has been modified during this update.
There is no breaking change but it appears that the file cannot be automatically updated without loosing contents like documentation.

Please follow these next steps to correctly update your configuration file:

  • Make a copy of your current Cosmos configuration file.
  • Delete the Cosmos configuration directory /config/cosmos with cosmos.conf file inside.
  • Start your server to generate the new configuration directory and file.
  • Shut down your server.
  • Restore your configuration values from your previous copy (make sure you are not updating while the server is running !).
  • Restart your server one last time and check if your configuration file looks like this one in the Cosmos Wiki.


  • Per-world features can have groups of worlds that act for one.
  • Per-world ender chests are supported.
  • Players can bypass enabled per-world features (recommended for admins).
  • (+) Per World - Bypass command [Help]
  • (+) Per World - Group command [Help]
  • (+) Per World - Information command [Help]
  • (+) Per World - Toggle command [Help]
  • (+) Properties - Seed command [Help]
  • (-) Root - Per World command (replaced by the toggle command) [Help]

Bug Fixes

  • Per-world features failing to manage player deaths
  • Some typos

Bug Report

If you ever found a bug using the Cosmos plugin, feel free to report an issue on the appropriate section. [Issues]

Support Cosmos

If you enjoy using Cosmos on your Minecraft server, do not hesitate to give a star on the Ore page and the Github repository, this will help the plugin to be better referenced.