A plugin to control what happens when a new player joins the server.


PleaseWelcome is a Sponge plugin to decide what happens when a new player joins the server.


  • /pleasewelcome setspawn Sets the spawn to teleport people to when they join for the first time.
  • /pleasewelcome gotospawn Teleport to the spawn location
  • /pleasewelcome removespawn Removed the spawn location. New players will spawn at the default spawn.
  • /pleasewelcome setinventory Sets the inventory to give players when they join.
  • /pleasewelcome sendtospawn <player> Send a player to welcome spawn.


  • pleasewelcome.mod.setspawn Allows a player to use /pleasewelcome setspawn
  • pleasewelcome.mod.gotospawn Allows a player to use /pleasewelcome gotospawn
  • pleasewelcome.mod.removespawn Allows a player to use /pleasewelcome removespawn
  • pleasewelcome.mod.setinventory Allows a player to use /pleasewelcome setinventory
  • pleasewelcome.mod.sendtospawn Allows a player to use /pleasewelcome sendtospawn


When PleaseWelcome starts for the first time, it will generate a config where you can set misc settings.

  • welcome.commands A List of all the commands that will be executed when the player joins. You can freely use target selectors in these commands. For example, use @p to get the player that joined.
  • welcome.message The message to show when a player joins the server for the first time. This is an TextTemplate.
  • version Tracks the config version. Don’t touch.

Category: Gameplay

Published on May 20, 2017




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