This Sponge plugin requires the BCLForge mod. we use this secondary mod to do chunkloading reliable.



You can receive support for using this plugin on my Discord Chat.

If you find any issues when using this plugin, please create an issue.


The base command is betterchunkloader (with the alias of bcl), this gives the general usage and what commands are available.

Sub commandparametersPermissionDescription
balance betterchunkloader.balance.ownGet your balance of chunkloaders.
balanceUserbetterchunkloader.balance.othersGet your balance of another player
info betterchunkloader.infoget general information about chunk loaders on the server.
list betterchunkloader.list.ownget a list of your chunk loaders with the coordinates.
listUserbetterchunkloader.list.othersget a list of the users chunk loaders with the coordinates.
chunksadd | set | remove User Type Amountbetterchunkloader.chunkschange a players amount of the different chunk loaders (personal or world)
deleteUserbetterchunkloader.deleteRemove the specified players chunk loaders.
purge betterchunkloader.purgeRemove Chunk loaders in not existing worlds (eg. after removing a world)
reload betterchunkloader.reloadReloads the configuration (implemented in v.3.8.RC3)


As part of version 3.8.0, you can now set up metadata on the user for a few defaults.

meta namedescription
bcl.worldThe number of world chunk loaders a user can have.
bcl.personalThe number of personal chunk loaders a user can have.

The user currently has to log out and log in for this to take effect, this will also not work if the user has a set/added value (I am working on a solution for this)


As part of version 3.9.0 I have introduced H2 (which is now the default). I would still recommend you to use MySQL where possible.


The up to date version of permission can be found at permissions file.


what is the difference between a personal loader and a world loader?

A personal loader is only active when the player is online while a world loader is active even when the player is offline) (how long after their last login can be defined in the config.

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Published on May 21, 2020




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