Maintained version of the plugin Nations, A Towny-like protection plugin

Nations Updated

Original plugin by @Carrot

Nation has a president, who can appoint ministers with same permissions as him. President and ministers can create zones that are buyable by citizens of the nation. The owner of a zone has all permissions on it and can have coowners.

This plugin’s specificity is that land can be claimed by selecting an area with a golden axe (right/left click). Selection is considered to be vertically expanded. Thanks to that, nation’s territory and zones are precisely defined and not subject to plot constraints.


The plugin supports translation. It automatically generates a file named language.conf in its main folder. You can modify this file to translate the plugin

Translators: @mirisbowring, @Myaskill, @Jinlin_Chen

You can get translations here.

Updated version fixes

Fixed chest protection not working when player didnt’t have an item in hand
Fixed NationWorld bugs with pistons, water/lava flow, etc…
Fixed bug with explosions
Fixed /na reload command, it now works with language files
Admin spy no longer send message of your own nation twice

Category: Protection

Published on Apr 4, 2020




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