Earn or Spend by mining or kill entity.


Earn or Spend by mining or kill entity!

Why you need

As X-ray mod become more and more stronger, we should anti-xray by limit the rate of getting ore. If mine a stone will earn $1 in game, then mine a iron-ore should cost $50 ~ $100. and player can decide selling this iron-ore or keep them. this is a good way to anti-xray. even you allow players to use xray mod, they will not get benefit from it.

And if you create a Boss Mob which give player lots of precious items at harvest time, then cost money to kill this mob is a good way to make the server’s economy more balance.


  • You can set price of blocks and entities, support random range for price.
  • Pay money to player who [break a block/kill an entity] which price > 0.
  • If player have not enough money, then he cannot [break the block/kill the entity] which price < 0.
  • You cannot earn from break the block which is placed by players, also cannot earn from kill the entity made by players.
  • You can set different price to different block type.
  • There will be a tip on the Action Bar every time when player earn remind_money
  • You can custom the content of tips in config/espaymoney/lang folder


  • /esp reload reload configuration and RE register listeners. (permission=espaymoney.admin.reload)
  • /esp debug enable/disable your debug mode. In this mode plugin will print the info of block when you break one. (permission=espaymoney.admin.debug)
  • /esp fast enable/disable your FastEdit mode. In this mode plugin will auto add block’s info into your config file with a default value of “-1~1” when you break one. (permission=espaymoney.admin.edit)


  • espaymoney.reload
  • <None>

Modify messages’ translation

  1. Edit config.conf, set lang=en_US or lang=zh_CN
  2. After server started, in your plugin’s config folder there will be a lang folder which contain the i18n_zh_CN.properties file.
  3. Edit this file and restart your server.


# en_US, zh_CN

modules {
    pay_mining = true,
    pay_killing = true,

pay_mining {
    remind_money = 1000,
    other_blocks = 30~40,
    blocks {
        "minecraft:sand" = -10~15,
        "minecraft:wool[color=black]" = -10~10,
        "minecraft:wool" = -1,
        "minecraft:stone" = 1,
        "minecraft:stone[variant=granite]" = 2,
        # fuzzy match

        # auto added by fastedit mode

pay_killing {
    remind_money = 500,
    other_entity = 10~20,
    entities {
        "minecraft:chicken" = -20,
        "minecraft:cow" = -5~15,



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Published on Mar 11, 2019




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