HDR / Player Glow

Allows players to glow in various colors.

Player Glow [API 5/6/7]

A simple plugin that adds A glowing outline in various colors to players.

Use 1.0.1 For Api Version 5/6, Use newer versions for Api Version 7


A clickable menu in chat that lets you select colors and toggle the effect on or off. Menu

Permission nodes for each color.


/glowopens menu
/glow toggletoggles glow
/glow colornamesets glow color




glow.toggleToggle effect on or off
glow.menuGives access to the menu
glow.colorAllows changing colors
glow.color.blackAllows usage of Black outline
glow.color.darkblueAllows usage Dark Blue outline
glow.color.darkgreenAllows usage of Dark Green outline
glow.color.darkaquaAllows usage of Dark Aqua outline
glow.color.darkredAllows usage of Dark Red outline
glow.color.darkpurpleAllows usage of Dark Purple outline
glow.color.goldAllows usage of Gold outline
glow.color.grayAllows uasge of Gray outline
glow.color.darkgrayAllows usage of Dark Gray outline
glow.color.blueAllows usage of Blue outline
glow.color.greenAllows usage of Green outline
glow.color.aquaAllows usage of Aqua outline
glow.color.redAllows usage of Red outline
glow.color.lightpurpleAllows usage of Light Purple outline
glow.color.yellowAllows usage of Yellow outline
glow.color.whiteAllows usage of White outline

Known Bugs

Currently not compatible with any plugin that makes use of scoreboards, this is a Minecraft Limitation.

Glow effect seems to flicker on and off in certain cases due to a vanilla Minecraft bug.

Known Bugs with Mods

The glow effect will not work while wearing a Draconic Helmet.

Category: Miscellaneous

Published on May 16, 2017


284 total downloads

Licensed under MIT