Grinch / TimeWarp

Manipulate time itself and extend the time of day!

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TimeWarp is a small plugin that opens up the ability to change the length of day in Minecraft.


Like a lot of plugin developers I devote my free time to create and improve this plugin. If you appreciate the work done and want to continue to see it supported please consider becoming a patron.


  • Ability to extend or skip parts of the day
  • Ability to set the time to wake up
  • Per-world settings


This plugin makes use of Mixin technology (see below for details). Please refer to the Sponge documentation for installing this plugin.


Usage of Mixin

TimeWarp utilizes Mixins to accomplish scaling of the day by manipulating WorldServer#tick to follow custom logic for incrementing world time.

Category: Miscellaneous

Published on Mar 07, 2017


356 total downloads

Licensed under MIT