This plugin allows players to randomly teleport across the world and to specific biome types


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This plugin allows players to randomly teleport across the world and to specific biome types.


After downloading the plugin, place the jar file in the mods folder of the Sponge server.


To be able to teleport to biomes, the plugin will need to run a scan of the available world.

Running /scans scan <world> will start a scan of the specified world.

The scanner will start scanning chunks from 0,0 outward to 10000x10000 chunks along the X and Z axes, or up to the world border. It is recommended to have set a world border limit prior to starting the scan.

The scanner runs asynchronously to server functions, so the server is still usable and playable while the scan is running. It is recommended to wait until the scan has completed before shutting down the server, as this may corrupt the saved data.

Increasing the world border after the scan has started, will not increase the scan area, unless another scan is taken.


You can download the latest version from Ore

Commands and Permissions

/biomertpfxbiomertp.command.biomertpTeleports the player to a random biome
/rtpfxbiomertp.command.rtpTeleports the player to a random spot
/scansfxbiomertp.command.scansHandles the world scans
/scans listfxbiomertp.command.scans.listLists the scanned worlds
/scans scanfxbiomertp.command.scans.scanScans the specified world
/scans removefxbiomertp.command.scans.removeRemoves the scan for the specified world


To rescan a world, simple run /scans scan <world> for the world.

Running a scan on a world that has already been scanned will delete the previous data and scan the world from scratch.

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Published on May 7, 2020




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