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Adds jobs that allow players to earn currency


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JobsLite is a dedicated jobs plugin created for Sponge. This plugin is extremely easy to use, with no file editing necessary to create jobs. JobsLite does this via an intuitive chat system to walk you through job creation.


  • Drag & Drop Installation
    • Just drop JobsLite into your “mods” folder with Sponge and start your server
  • Multi-Threaded
    • Portions of JobsLite are multi-threaded to give you even better performance
  • Translatable
    • JobsLite allows you to customize every message sent to the player
  • MySQL Support
    • JobsLite can store job data in a MySQL database
  • Easy to use job management
    • JobsLite comes with an easy to use chat interface for job management, so no file editing is necessary


Installing JobsLite is very simple. Just drag and drop JobsLite into your “mods” folder along with Sponge and start your server. The configuration and data files can be found in <config directory>/jobslite.

Important: JobsLite requires an economy plugin to function.


The documentation for JobsLite is available here.

Issues and Bugs

All issues should be reported to the GitHub issue tracker here.


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Published on Jan 29, 2017


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Licensed under MIT