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An economy plugin for Sponge.


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EconomyLite is a lightweight, yet advanced economy plugin for your Sponge server. The plugin is built to be customizable, and you can enable and disable features at your will.


  • Drag & Drop Installation
    • Just drop EconomyLite into your “mods” folder with Sponge and start your server
  • Multi-Threaded
    • EconomyLite is multi-threaded for the best possible performance
  • Multiple Storage Options
    • Store your data however you like, locally or on a MySQL database
  • Customizable
    • Much of EconomyLite can be changed to suit your needs
  • Username Change Support
    • Any player can change their name, and EconomyLite can handle it
  • Virtual Management
    • EconomyLite includes commands to manage virtual accounts
  • Loans
    • Players can take out loans if they are running short on money
  • Multiple Currencies
    • EconomyLite has built-in support for multiple currencies


Drag and drop EconomyLite into your “mods” folder and start your server. The configuration files can be found in config/economylite.


EconomyLite has full documentation available here.


All issues should be reported to GitHub.

Development Builds

Development builds for EconomyLite are available here.

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Published on Dec 31, 2016


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Licensed under MIT