SignEdit is maded to simple edit your already placed sign lines or copy one text sign to other signs with copies. A very util tool if using with ShopSigns and AdminShop plug-ins.

Commands and Permissions:

Command: /setline 1-4 text of line with max of 16 characters
Permission: signeditor.setline
Description: Allow you to edit each line of a sign, with colors using “&”. Rigth click the sign to paste the text.

Command: /copysign optional number of copies
Permission: signeditor.copysign
Description: Copy the text from one sign to other sign or to others signs with optional copies. Use rigth click on the sign to copy and paste the text to other signs.

Command: /signedit ?
Permission: none
Description: To get help about commands.

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Mar 5, 2017




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Licensed under MIT

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