FabioZumbi12 / ExpBank

Plugin to store player experiences on signs


Plugin to deposit player experiences levels to a sign bank.


  • If you is running a ranked server and experience its a requirement, your players can save your experiences in signs to use later;
  • No database and no additional files, all on signs;
  • Signs self protected against explosions, entity or any reason that make the sign drop;
  • If for any reason the sign is broken, the experience will be delivered to the owner (except for offline players, in this case the sign will be protected);


  1. Place a wall or stand sign in any solid blocks with the text “[ExpBank]” on first line and leave the other lines empty.
  2. Left Click on sign to take the experience from bank and Right Click to deposit.
  3. Hold shift to deposit/take all.


expbank.use - To allow player to create and interact with exp banks.
expbank.others - To break exp banks from other players.
expbank.command.base - Base permission for ExpBank commands.
expbank.command.give / expbank give <player> <level> - Permission for command to give experience to online and offline players.
expbank.command.reload / expbank reload - Permission to run the reload command.

Source and Issues:

Source: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/ExpBank
Issues: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/ExpBank/issues
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Published on Jun 24, 2019


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