Highly configurable Quests plugin for small and big servers!

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PixelBuilt-Quests (or PBQ) is a fully customizable quests plugin that was initially made for the PixelBuilt server. It contains several possibilities for quest requirements, tasks, rewards and etc. Follow the wiki to learn how to create a working setup of PBQ.


  • Fully configurable quests, quest lines, tasks, rewards, messages and more!
  • Storytelling support - have NPCs tell stories by adding an interval between messages!
  • Support for economy - quests may cost money!
  • One time Quests
  • Item, money or permission required quests by default
  • Add blocks or NPCs as triggers for quests
  • Progress system - a new leveling mechanic!
  • Create NPCs directly from the plugin!
  • … and much more! Read the wiki for details!

Getting Started

To start using this plugin, take a look on the wiki page for details!


If you have any issues running the plugin, you’re free to open a ticket in the issues tab and I’ll take a look on it asap! If you have questions about the plugin, feel free to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/YttMwEr

Support Me!

If you like the plugin and would like to support me, you can donate via my paypal: [email protected]. If you want to talk with me directly, my Discord tag is Eufranio#2487

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Published on Sep 7, 2017




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