A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin



Eufranio released this version on Nov 25, 2017

6.3 MB


  • Check if LuckPerms is loaded before using it
  • Fixed attachment messages not being sent to the game
  • Fixed death messages not working
  • Added warning for users who join with the magibridge.silentjoin or magibridge.silentquit permissions
  • Added formatting support for attachment names
  • Fixed the config resetting
  • Added AFK messages (check the config)
  • Fixed messages being sent even when cancelled (fixing chat filter plugins, hopefully)
  • API7 version!

If you’re on 1.12+ and/or SpongeAPI 7.0.0, download the MagiBridge-API7-2.4.2 file, from here!

If you like the plugin, consider donating via PayPal to [email protected] ^^