A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin



Eufranio released this version on Sep 11, 2017

15.2 MB
  • Changed %topgroup% placeholder to show the friendly (display) name of a group, if LuckPerms is installed
  • Fix wrong formats on Discord -> Server
  • Removed color codes from the URL field in the prefix (they shouldn’t be there)
  • Fixed Discord prefix tag being added at the end of the message
  • Added option to disable the Discord prefix tag
  • Added option to don’t send message from a player if he’s vanished
  • Added option to disable cutting messages when they have more than 120 characters
  • Added RGB -> Color converter for converting Discord role colors to game colors along with the %toprolecolor% placeholder
  • Added option to disable and/or change the interval of the Topic Updater
  • Now the %nick% placeholder will use the player’s name when the nick isn’t available
  • Added %nick%, %topgroup% and %prefix% placeholders to death and achievement get messages
  • Added support for sending Attachments to the server trough UltimateChat (before, only Nucleus had this feature)

I highly suggest you resetting your config!