A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin



Eufranio released this version on Aug 3, 2017

15.1 MB

Note: this is a BIG update, I suggest that you all regen your configs when updating from previous releases.


  • Fixed color codes from prefixes being sent to Discord when Webhooks are enabled
  • Added %topgroup% placeholder that displays the player’s highest group name
  • Fixed MCClans messages going to Discord
  • Added a check to make sure the message going to Discord is from a real player. Fixes CustomNPCs and pokemons’ messages being broadcasted
  • Fixed online/console commands being sent to the game when requested on Discord
  • Fixed some errors regarding the player list command
  • Added %prefix% placeholder to the player list command
  • Added Attachament messages support. They will be shown as a clickable Attachament on the game, and ONLY when Nucleus is loaded
  • Fixed typo in the webhooks %messages% placeholder (prefix and name going trough it)
  • Fixed NPE when using /tell (on latest UChat versions)
  • Fixed wrong maximum message size, now only 120 chars are sent to the game
  • Added role requirement for using color codes
  • Added delete time for console/player list commands
  • No permission message added to the config
  • Added permission node to tag everyone from the game (magibridge.everyone)
  • Added in-game user mentioning: players can mention Discord users from the game
  • Prevent NPE in the topic updater, so it won’t stop working anymore
  • Added command-role-override: restrict certain commands to certain Discord roles
  • Added %topgroup% placeholder to the player list command