The sponge plugin for item restriction by checking nbt tags


The sponge plugin for item restriction by checking nbt tags.




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EpicBanItem is now based on Minecraft 1.12.2 and SpongeAPI 7.1.0.

EpicBanItem achieves the goal of item banning by mapping items (and blocks sometimes) to NBT and then checking and updating them. The NBT format mapped to is the same as Command NBT Tags format in Minecraft, instead of the one provided by Sponge. The only difference is, the Count tag will be erased when generating NBT, and only two tags named id and Damage will exist, sometimes togethered with tag.

EpicBanItem uses the method similar to MongoDB for querying and updating NBT. EpicBanItem currently supports most of the operators used in MongoDB for querying and updating.

All the configurations related to EpicBanItem are located in config/epicbanitem/ directory, which contains two files named banitem.conf (used to store rules and related options) and settings.conf (used to store global options). All the commands related to EpicBanItem begin with /ebi. All the permissions related to EpicBanItem begin with epicbanitem.

EpicBanItem is entirely licensed under GPL-3.0 and includes bstats-metrics licensed under LGPL-3.0 for data collection and statistics. The file named config/bStats/config.conf can be edited in order to choose whether to enable data collection and statistics or not.

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Published on Nov 9, 2018




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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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