Elikill58 released this version on Mar 11, 2021

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I’m sorry but It’s the last update of Sponge, free version.

You can clear alert of a player thanks to : /n clear

Now, you can also reload proxies !

Why last update ?

Spigot is used by a lot of people, so free version of spigot help me to find some false flag. All of those flag are replicated on the premium version. When I change something on premium, it’s applied for spigot, sponge and soon for sponge 8. So, such as i never get feedback on sponge version, i never know when there is an issue, so i don’t work on it.

But, it’s not impossible that I will make a new update soon.

And what about the premium version ? Available here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/negativity-v2-1-7-to-1-16-bungee-velocity-sponge.86874/ (in beta)

New :

  • New cheat: AirPlace (Block placed on air/Liquid interact)
  • Support of MariaDB
  • /n debug to check if another player can be detected
  • Prevent low server connection
  • Fly check

Fix :

  • Kick instead of ban
  • Inventory error
  • Sponge issue with inventory
  • Optimize ping management
  • Others optimization

False flag:

  • Prevent lagspike
  • With Geyser: Fly and Step
  • Riptide with trident
  • FastLadder with water
  • Multiple flag when using fire resistance in lava
  • Jesus when walking on bed
  • Possible InventoryMove
  • Step with pistonned slime
  • Forcefield fireball false flag
  • FastStairs with horse
  • AntiKB while dying
  • Nuker with plugin like McMMO
  • Fly while walking on lily pad

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