Please, use latest version !

You need PacketGate

Detected cheat :

Commands: More informations

  • If you want to check a player :

  • If you want to get some information about a player:

    • /negativity
  • If you want to Show/Hide alert:

    • /negativity alert
  • If you want to report someone:

    • /nreport
  • If you want to do some mod thing (be invisible…):

    • /nmod
  • To ban people:

    • /nban <def(true/false) | time (ex: 2h5m)>
  • To unban people:

    • /nunban

Informations about the config:

All informations are on the wiki, and up to date.

For Permissions, check this wiki.

For Bans, check this wiki.

You have a suggestion ? A bug ? A question ? You can contact me via :

Donations : (Thanks you <3) PayPal or Patreon

Special thanks to:

  • RedNesto for the help with English translation and development
  • jheyson for the help with Portuguese translation
  • SuchHero for the help with Norwegian translation
  • VidTu for the help with Russian translation
  • f0rb1d, SGYRE & 沐白Dust for the help with Chinese translation​
  • CodingAir for the help with German translation
  • DeveloperBoy for the help with Dutch translation
  • YungSloop for the help with Swedish translation
  • SolitaSolaa for the help with Spanish translation
  • HuyMCYTB#7592 for the help with Vietnamese translation
  • Herobrine99dan#1564 for the help with Italian translation and some checks
  • Disordeon#1824 for the help with Czech Republic translation
  • you for translation too ? (Contact me)

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Published on Nov 4, 2018




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