It's an Advanced AntiCheat Detection


I’m writing this :)

Please, use latest version !

You need PacketGate (

Detected cheat (v1.1):

  • ForceField | KillAura
  • FastPlace
  • Speed | SpeedHack
  • AutoClick
  • Fly
  • AntiPotion | Zoot
  • AutoEat
  • AutoRegen | Regen
  • AntiKnockback | NoVelocity
  • Jesus | WaterWalk
  • NoFall
  • Blink
  • Spider
  • Sneak
  • FastBow | RapidBowShot
  • Scaffold
  • Step
  • NoSlowDown
  • FastLadders
  • Phase
  • AutoSteal
  • Edited Client | Cheat Engine


  • If you want to check a player: /negativity verif [(optional) cheats, by default it’s all cheats]

  • If you want to get some information about a player: /negativity

  • If you want to report someone: /report

  • If you want to do some mod thing (be invisible…): /mod

  • To ban people: /nban <def(true/false) | time (ex: 2h5m)>

  • To unban people: /nunban

  • To suspect a player: /suspect

Informations about the config:

Everything is editable !

There are permissions for all cheat. The first line in config is the most important. There is: if you want to log alert, if you want to disable /report and the whole permission system (Default system used by PermissionEx, GroupManager … and other) with SQL support. For permissions:

  • showAlert: with it, you can see all alerts
  • verif: with it, you can activate checks on all players
  • mod: with it, you can do /mod
  • manageCheat: with it, you have a cheat manager in /mod, to edit this config but in game
  • report_wait: with it, you don’t need to wait between 2 reports
  • bypass: with one of them, you bypass the alert of the specified part (for example, with bypass.forcefield, you bypass all alerts of forcefield)

There is a translation system !

  • You can disable it
  • Unlimited lang
  • Available with SQL
  • Default lang

You can enable and disable Bungeecord (this is automatically enables if you put the plugin on bungeecord).

Then, there is a big part for all cheats:

  • exact_name: The display name
  • isActive: if you want to disable it
  • reliability_alert: required reliability to see alert
  • autoVerif: if the plugin auto check if player is using this cheat
  • setBack: rollbacks the cheat action (for fly, it’s to tp the player on ground)
  • kick: if we must kick the player
  • alert_to_kick: required alert to kick the player

I’m working on it everyday (When i have the time to) !

You have a suggestion ? A bug ? A question ? You can contact me via :

Donations : (Thanks you <3)

Special thanks to:

  • RedNesto for the help with English translation and development
  • jheyson for the help with Portuguese translation
  • SuchHero for the help with Norwegian translation
  • VidTu for the help with Russian translation
  • you for translation too ? (Contact me)

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Published on Nov 4, 2018


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