Elikill58 released this version on Aug 26, 2020

1.3 MB

(Version 1.9.3 missed, was only on spigotmc)

Version 1.9.3 changelog :

New :

  • Ancient Debris now in Minerate !
  • Add permission to negativity subcommand: reload, mod,

False flag :

  • NoSlowDown when eat while using elytra
  • Regen when using Instant Health
  • NoFall less sensitive when falling, and add support for scaffold block
  • Jesus when on lily
  • Speed when swimming
  • Fly while using a boat on water or when other plugin add velocity
  • Step when flying
  • AirJump false flag when using slab
  • Nuker when breaking leaves
  • Edit timer check to prevent false flag

Version 1.9.4 changelog :

Why no new feature ? I’m preparing Negativity v2. I just want to make a version without any false flag, then going to V2.

Elytra wearing bypass removed !

Fix :

  • Connection error
  • NoFall damage
  • Chinese translation problem

False flag :

  • Forcefield bugged check
  • Jesus when on fight or when jumping on fence
  • Fly with stairs or with jump boost effect
  • NoFall
  • Speed

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