Elikill58 released this version on Jul 11, 2020

1.3 MB

New translation to Albanian (sq_SQ) Thanks to ErzenX#2439 on discord !


  • Item bypass option: below ! To cancel alert according to the block below.
  • NoFall check
  • Max player/IP (connected at same time) ! (Default: 2)

False flag fixed :

  • Timer when in creative gamemode
  • Jesus while on border of lily pad
  • Forcefield line of sight
  • AutoClick with haste
  • Fly while using boat
  • AntiKnockback when around solid blocks


  • Fly set back option can teleport at max 50 blocks down (before, it was 20)
  • Chinese people can get error (because of google disallowed)
  • Now, you will see the kick message of the banning plugin (such as AdvancedBan), and not of Negativity
  • fix on sponge

This release has no dependencies